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Hi! I'm Lilly and I am a freelance journalist also working as a copywriter and broadcaster specialising in news and current affairs and digital audience engagement. 

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LOCAL NEWS: Brighton Lets to deposit threats - an investigation into Grosvenor Properties

“It appears that Grosvenor Properties have been exploiting and targeting the students of Brighton and Hove for the past few years, facing little to no consequences. Just some of the most common issues are unfounded charges, taking deposits, ignoring emails and failing to carry out repairs. As a group we are hoping that together, our collective experiences will have more of an impact and that we can get some kind of result or justice.” – Ruby Slade

The beautifully coloured houses that line the s

CULTURE: TopShop or TopFlop - the ethics of fast fashion

Upon the end of lockdown and the beginning of the Christmas season, The Verse’s Lilly Croucher reflects on the modern-day fashion industry and it’s impact on our planet and society.

With the end of lockdown 2.0 fast approaching and retail stores getting ready to open once again for the festive season, I am reminded of a moment from last year, when I was shopping on Black Friday, shamefully participating in the consumption of early Christmas presents.

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